Legal Ethics Publications
John A. Humbach


Article, Shifting Paradigms of Lawyer Honesty, 76 Tennessee L. Rev. 993 (2009). (SSRN)

Review, Just Being a Lawyer: Reflections on the Legal Ethics of a President under Impeachment,
reviewing “An Affair of State: The Investigation, Impeachment and Trial of President Clinton,”
by Richard A. Posner, 4 Legal Ethics 155-71 (2001). (SSRN)

Article, Abuse of Confidentiality and Fabricated Controversy: Two Proposals, in The Professional Lawyer, vol. 11, no. 4 (Summer, 2000). (SSRN)

               Article, The National Association of Honest Lawyers: An Essay, 20 Pace L. Rev. 93 (1999). (SSRN)

Article, The MacCrate Report in Legal Education After 10 Years: A Response to Russell Pearce, 23 Pace L. Rev. 599 (2004).

Article, Serving the Public Interest: An Overstated Obligation (Mandatory Pro Bono), 65 A.B.A. Journal 564 (1979).

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