Careers in Political Science

Political Science is eclectic.  This makes it an ideal Liberal Arts major because it integrates and synthesizes all the thinking and the skills of the other fields and puts them in perspective of the complexity and the interdependence of human life.  Other areas of study enrich understanding of politics, and Political Science gives situation, meaning, and depth to other subjects.  Any career for which a Liberal Arts major prepares an individual, so does a major in Political Science.

For those interested in a career in EDUCATION, a special checklist has been prepared that shows how to develop an Education minor while an undergraduate.

intermediate school principal
high school social studies teaching
elementary school teaching (as second career)
college administration

GOVERNMENT SERVICE, in federal, state, and local governments, attracts a proportion of students.  Many explore such opportunities through internships while undergraduates.  Government offices and agencies urgently want talented applicants but rarely have budgets to send representatives to career days and job fairs.  It helps to use web sites and to look through the Green Book of the City of New York, the Red Book of the State of New York, the United States Government Organizational Manual, and directories for clues.

NYC Department of Health
mayor of nearby city
members of the Council of the City of New York
members of the councils of other cities and towns
commissioner, deputy mayor, NYC
borough supervisor, NYC
Community School Board member, president
Congressional staff, Chief of Staff
U.S. Senator Chief of Staff
Counsel to State Senate Speaker

PUBLIC and PRIVATE INTEREST GROUPS require people who understand and know about decision-making, organization, research, and communications.  Business, labor, religious, and reform interest groups can be studies and their operations scrutinized through an internship, prior to making a career commitment.

humanitarian and relief agencies staff
human rights, political and civil liberties analysts
environmental organizations--staff, lobbyists, publicists, attorney
labor union lobbyists, investigators
municipal employees union lobbyist, attorney

JOURNALISM, PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCIES, and COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA have offered challenging careers and opportunities to numerous Political Science graduates.

BBC, NBC, other network news services
national (state) news service
government press offices
Wall Street investment weekly
editor, major publishing house
e communications

FOUNDATIONS and intellectual or benevolent institutions are among the organizations in which political scientists might work professionally.

American Humanics offers a Certificate Program at Pace.  Previous Political Science majors have added this to their
undergraduate credentials by using some of  their major credits and some of their free-elective credits
to qualify.  Learn more about the program and national nonprofit partners from

Described as "the best resource guide for the year 2000 and well beyond" is Eric Kocher and Nina Segal,
International Jobs
(5th ed.; Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books, 1999).  It includes the federal government,
the UN, international business and banking, nonprofit organizations, communications, teaching, and international law.
Look for new editions and other sources like it in the United Nations book store, or check

Careers in BUSINESS, especially with CORPORATIONS THAT DO BUSINESS INTERNATIONALLY, suit many Political Science majors.

international hotel chain administrators
brokerage firms, research departments
bank research division

Political Science is an appropriate major for persons planning to enter LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies.  College work is a good way to use time well until meeting age qualifications, and college credits or degrees are required to achieve advancement.  The same applies to MILITARY SERVICE, although it is also true that individuals have done military service first and come to college afterward.  Political Science has made an interesting and meaningful major for quite a few, from among whom some outstanding Model United Nations delegates have come.

NYPD, other police departments
Office of Special Narcotics

Preparation for LAW SCHOOL is best done by excelling in whatever major suits the individual.  Many prefer Political Science.  Individuals attracted to careers in government have found Political Science to be their undergraduate major of choice, and they then might go to law school.  Although cartoonists find much to lampoon about it, the LEGAL PROFESSION has been a rewarding and satisfying career for numerous Pace Political Science majors.  Not only in legal practice but also in the JUDICIARY and throughout GOVERNMENT there are opportunities, with office holders and with administrative agencies and legislative committees, for individuals with law credentials.

District Attorney's office
State Attorney General's office

Individuals interested in INTERNATIONAL LAW on the world level have found that a political science Ph.D. with a concentration in International Law has been the ideal way to enter and to advance in that particular field.  Persons drawn to ACADEMIA, who might aspire to become professors, expert consultants, and writers, should plan to pursue advanced degrees, specifically the M.A. and the Ph.D.

United Nations Cambodia Project team
International Tribunals--Bosnia, Rwanda
faculty members at colleges and universities
regional director World Health Organization, Southeast Asia
IUATLD Director of Finance and Development
foreign service officers (e.g., Cyprus, Portugal)

Research, verbal, and interpersonal skills, in addition to multidisciplinary and international information, are the distinguishing features of Political Science majors that make them highly versatile and effective participants in public life.  Political Science is especially for individuals attracted to PUBLIC SERVICE, who choose to be part of others' opportunities, and to leave a better place for those who come after them.