Printers and Scanners Section

Teachers and Students need to print something at least once during the course of the school day. Teachers print assignment sheets, handouts, and presentation materials, while students print out homework assignments, essays, and presentations. When the printer does not work as it should, teacher/student productivity is hurt. Therefore this section will help you troubleshoot all of your printing devices.

This section will be broken down into the four major categorical Printing decives on the computer that many teachers and students encounter problems with in the school setting. They are:

  • Inkjet Printers
  • Laser Printers
  • Networked Printers
  • Scanners

Parts of the Printers and Scanners Section

This section will be broken down into four sub-sites. Each focusing on a category of problems that plague the teacher on a consistent basis on a printing device.

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printers troubleshooting includes dealing with printer cartridge issues, paper jam issues, and connectivity issues

Laser Printer

Laser Printers troubleshooting including dealing with toner cartridge issues, paper jams, and connectivity issues.

Networked Printers

Networked Printers includes troubleshooting network connectivity issues.


Scanners troubleshooting includes how to scan a document, discussion of file formats, and connectivity issues between scanner and computer.