SmartBoard and Projector Section

Teachers and Students utilize the interactive whiteboard on a daily basis in the 21st century classroom. Teachers develop interactive lessons which utilize the boards touch sensitive features. Teachers also use the SmartBoard Notebook software to create these lessons.

This section will be broken down into the three major parts that many teachers interact with when using a "SmartBoard". They are:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • SmartBoard Notebook Software

Parts of the SmartBoard Section

This section will be broken down into three sub-sites. Each focusing on a category of problems that plague the teacher occasionally when using an Interactive whiteboard.

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboards troubleshooting involves checking connections, orientation of the board, and pen/eraser issues.


Projector troubleshooting involves checking connections, bulbs, and settings.

Smart Notebook

Smart Notebook software troubleshooting involves checking/changing settings, locating resources, and file issues.