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Although Gustav 0. Lienhard had spent his childhood Hastings-on-Hudson, he returned to the city of his birth to study accounting. The school he chose was Pace Institute and after graduating in 1926, he joined the accounting firm of Pace, Gore and McLaren.

In 1932 Dr. Lienhard became an accountant in the comptroller's department of Johnson & Johnson. By 1933 he was Assistant Treasurer of a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, the Chicopee Manufacturing Corporation. Within a decade, Dr. Lienhard became executive vice president of Chicopee and in 1945 was named president of the company and member of the board of directors of Johnson & Johnson, the parent corporation. In the mid-1950s, this outstanding Pace alumnus became chairman of the board of Chicopee and President and general manager of another Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, the Perrnacel Tape Corporation. Within a year, Gustav Lien- hard was named chairman of Permacel's Board of Directors and a member of the executive committee of the Johnson & Johnson board of directors. In 1963 Dr. Lienhard became chairman of the board of Johnson & Johnson. Two years later, he was elected president of Johnson & Johnson World- wide. Upon his retirement from this position, in 1971, Dr. Lien- hard became president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Despite the demands of business, Gustav Lienhard found time for community service which took the form of member- ship on the boards of the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Dr. Lienhard also served as president of the hospital.

From 1965 until 1987 Gustav Lienhard,,was a member of the Pace board of trustees. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to his alma mater, he was awarded an honorary doctorate of Commercial Science in 1960. In 1975 the University's school of nursing was named for him. Gustav Lienhard died in 1987, at the age of 81.