Welcome to the Home Page for the St. Joseph's Church Jamaica, Roman Catholic Church Parish Council. The Parish Coucil in collaboration leadership of Pastor Chris Piasta serves as the Parish's primary lay advisory body.

The St. Joseph's Parish, Jamaica NY Parish Council consists of Five Elected Members and the Coordinators of the Youth and Children's Ministries. The current Council Elected in October 2017 is as follows:

Meet Your Current Parish Council Members

Member Position Image Bio and Goals for the Council

President - Nathifa Lewis

Image of Nathifa Lewis

Nathifa Lewis has been a member of the St Joseph's Community since 2013. She is passionate about activities to bring the community together especially when they involve children and music. Nathifa looks forward to working with the council and the wider Parish community to sustain existing programs, and work towards developing even more.

Vice President / Youth Ministry Coordinator - Ashley Aldrich

Image of Ashley Aldrich

Ashley Aldrich has been both the Youth Group Coordinator and the Liturgical Dance Minister for many years. She has a unique relationship with both groups and is always willing an available to minister at St. Joseph's events.

Secretary - TBD

Member - Enid Pottinger

Image of Enid Pottinger

Ms Enid Pottinger is a veritable matriach of the Church. She has served the St. Joseph's Community in many roles over the years and remains active in the Golden Age Club, Leading the Rosary during May and October, and organizing the Crowning of Mary in May. She is always willing and ready to lend a hand.

Member - Annette Pottinger

Image of Annette Pottinger

Annette Pottinger is another long time member and volunteer at St. Joseph's. She is also willing to assist when any program especially with the children and other events with a calm and competent presence. She will be working together will all the ministries and commitees at St. Joseph to ensure that there is frequent communication with the council to optimize each ministry or committee's goals.

Children's Ministry Coordinator - Dede N'Sougan

Image of DeDe N'Sougan

Dede has essentially grown up in the St. Joseph's Community, and is now passionate about creating and executing exciting programming for the children coming up behind her.

Member - TBD

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