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Alessandra Antenucci
Alessandra has always had a passion for thinking "outside the box." Career driven from the beginning, she always believed her creative talents would lead her to the fields of communications and marketing. To gain a solid foundation, Alessandra has exposed herself to various aspects of the marketing discipline. Her experiences include establishments such as Giorgio Armani Corporation, NYC & Company, and Convention & Visitors Bureau of Major Events & Promotions of NYC. As a senior with a Bachelor Degree in Communications and a minor in Marketing, she looks forward to a continued career in the field of public relations.

Igor Boltyshev
Igor is a talented, resourceful Marketing major with Advertising & Promotions as his concentration. Igor has participated in two National Advertising Student Competitions. As a result of his experiences, he has enhanced his leadership, analytical, and creative skills as well as gained exposure to the many components of an advertising campaign. He is fluent in Russian as well as proficient in German. Igor is confident that his multi-faceted talents will help him excel in the field of his expertise. He knows that with his passion and persistence, he can position himself at the top of the advertising and marketing world.

Anna Dudik
As a highly motivated student, Anna always works her hardest to perform at the highest standards. She is a multi-talented Marketing student with a concentration in International Marketing.  Her skills include fluency in Ukrainian and Russian as well as proficient spoken and written skills in Italian which she hopes to utilize in her career.  Anna looks forward to dealing with various cultures and having assignments which will allow her to travel abroad. She values the experience of working with others as well as independently. After graduation she plans on working for a multinational company or an international ad agency.

Amani Farhaud
Amani is a motivated student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a concentration in Marketing Management. As a member of PUMA (Pace University Marketing Association), she has strengthened her already strong communication skills and interpersonal skills. Amani has been awarded for her academic excellence through the Dean’s List and the Pace University Incentive Award. Her interests include all aspects of marketing within various industries from fashion to media and communications. She enjoys new experiences and is always eager to learn. Amani hopes to achieve her goals in life and be successful in the marketing field.

Mebrulin Francisco
Mebrulin believes that true scholarly excellence is achieved by being exposed to various academic fields. This has led her to become a double major in Business Administration and Marketing, with a Promotions concentration as well as a minor in Psychology. She also values the importance of being involved. Her extracurricular activities include: math tutoring, Advertising Team, Senior Committee, and volunteering as a youth advisor at a local church. Mebrulin currently works as a Marketing Assistant at a financial software firm. Through her experiences she has developed her leadership, managerial, organizational, communication, writing, and interpersonal skills to become a distinguished individual.

Alexis Gardella
As a senior Marketing major, Alexis is also presently completing her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. She is also a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society and the American Marketing Association. Currently Alexis works at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, a barter syndicate operation, with The Program Exchange and has also gained relevant experience at Viacom and Morgan Stanley. Her interests go beyond school and work as she is enthusiastically interested in a number of hobbies as learning to knit and yoga. Her other enjoyable activities include are going to the park, visiting museums, and reading books.

Claudia Magic

Claudia is a marketing major with a concentration in advertising and promotion. As a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa and Golden Key Honor Societies, Claudia has proven herself to be an extremely ambitious and accomplished student. Her internship with Showroom Seven and Seventh House PR enabled her to gain valuable experience and learn a great deal about the public relations industry through the creation of press books and quarterly reports, and event planning. Her career goals include a management position in fashion and entertainment public relations firm.

Rebecca Novak
Rebecca is a determined and diligent senior honor student graduating with a BBA in Marketing, Advertising and Promotions. She has gained valuable experience in the music industry with internships in the New Media and Publicity department at J records, Radio Promotion at Jive records, A&R at Sony International, and Tour Publicity at Epic records. She is an active member of the American Marketing Association as well as the elite Lubin Leaders Program. Rebecca serves as co-chair of the Buzz/Promotion committee in Ad Team. After graduation she intends to pursue a career in either publicity or strategic marketing.

Anthony Reinhart
Anthony has proven himself to be an ambitious and successful student. He resolutely represents his peers as Senior Class President in the Student Government Association. This role has allowed him to develop professionally by acting as a peer mediator and liaison between Pace students, faculty, and administration. In addition to being a helpful multi-tasker, he develops his creativity skills in his spare time by writing short stories. Anthony has been able to balance several activities such The Pace Press, Ad Team, and volunteer at his local church as a youth group leader while maintaining his coursework.

Maria Romano
Maria has strived and worked hard to accomplish one of the many goals in her life: receiving her BBA in Marketing. She is a self-motivated, organized individual who makes sure nothing gets in the way of accomplishing her goals. Being active and adventurous is what keeps Maria motivated to strive for the absolute best. A leader is someone Maria has always been, but being a team player is what motivates her to become a successful individual. In the future she plans to work for an Ad agency specializing in advertising and promotions and one-day have an executive position.

Jahanara Siddiqui

Jahanara is marketing major with a concentration in advertising and promotions as well as a pre-law minor. She has proved to have outstanding leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills through various roles with the Pace Ad Team. As an individual with great ambition she accomplishes any task given to her. She has taken her leadership to higher levels by serving on the Pace University Marketing Association's executive board and as a teachers assistant with Pace's Peer Leadership Program. Her other extracurricular involvements include the National Association of Female Executives and the American Marketing Association. She currently works with ABC Daytime as an intern alongside executives and attorneys. She has previously interned at ABC's Tony Danza show and Marketdevco, Inc.

Bhoomi Shah

Bhoomi’s educational and life’s experiences have led her to the path of her chosen profession: advertising and promotion. Bhoomi has always looked at advertising as a colorful and dynamic field, one with an ideal combination of intelligence and creativity. She enjoys working with others because she feels that human interaction is very important in developing oneself. She feels that monotony puts a damper on creativity and future success; it is because of this she takes pleasure in learning new things. Bhoomi is a very ambitious person and hopes to work for a major advertising firm, ultimately one of her own.

Evelyn Widomski
Evelyn Widomski is a senior graduating with a BBA in Marketing and a concentration in Advertising and Promotions. She is a dedicated and hard working individual who in her four years at Pace has become enthusiastically involved with several school organizations such as the Student Government and PACE Board. Always looking for a challenge, Evelyn seeks out rewarding and competitive opportunities such as the Pace University Ad Team. Upon graduation she intends to obtain a challenging position in a marketing-oriented environment and one day challenge herself further by earning her masters.

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