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Chiara Adin
Chiara Adin is a talented, driven senior who entered Pace with a scholarship for accounting, but later changed to pursue her true talents. She is now pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, with a concentration in Advertising and promotions and has always been driven to achieve bigger and better things for herself. She jumps on opportunities that arise such as studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, then extending her stay to work as an administrative assistant/accountant for a well-known Spanish eyewear chain Vista Optica. She has since become an integral part of the Pace University Ad Team serving on the TV team in creative, the leader of the Promotions team, and will be one of the presenters for the final presentation in April. Chiara has interned with US Concepts, a leading event marketing agency, since September, where she was able to put her knowledge of promotions and strong skills for accounting/budgeting to the test. US Concepts has given Chiara the experience she needed to ensure she is well prepared to work on her own accounts and brands. After graduating in Spring 2007, she intends to pursue her passion for marketing and is determined to create a name for herself within the marketing world.

Giselle Aristy
Giselle Aristy is a marketing Major with a concentration in Advertising and Promotions. For the past two semesters she had the wonderful experience of partaking in different areas within the development of this campaign. She’s worked in the creation of the radio spots for the Creative team, has been key to executing the additional recommendations section and has partaken in the promotions team. Giselle’s diverse work experiences show she is ready to take chances and try new things. She’s accomplished internships at Genworth Financial, an insurance company based in Virginia and Surface Magazine, an interiors/lifestyle publication. She’s also had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain , invigorating her interest in international marketing. Apart from academics she’s also secretary of the Pace Ad Club, where she helps in bridging the world of advertising to students and is currently interning at Major League Baseball for the Corporate Sales and Marketing Department. After graduation in May 2007, she hopes to pursue a future in public relations or international marketing.

Ashley Armada
Ashley Armada is a marketing major with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion. She has an eye for detail and a passion for thinking creatively. She has been an integral part of the Pace University Advertising Team, as a member of both Creative and Media, and a presenter of the final campaign. Her involvement in both Advertising Club and Ad Team has furthered her ability to translate her thoughts, and talent into creative messages. She obtained valuable experience creating a photography marketing portfolio as a Marketing intern at Dylan’s Candy Bar. After graduating in May 2007, Ashley hopes to join a creative environment in an Advertising Agency where she can create some buzz of excitement with her innovative ideas.

Malaika Batson
Malaika is a highly motivated senior who is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, with a concentration in Advertising and Promotions. She has always recognized the value of participating in extra-curricular activities to balance her collegiate experiences. Her membership in several organizations has helped improve her communication and interpersonal skills which have further been reinforced by her varied work experiences through internships at companies such as Sony BMG Music Entertainment, where she worked for the Senior Director of Digital Media and the Director of Urban Marketing. Malaika serves as Director of Research and as an Account Planner in the Ad Team where she has gained valuable experience demonstrating leadership, time management and working in a team environment. After graduating in Spring 2007, she intends to pursue a career in either public relations or international marketing.

Christine Boulos
Christine Boulos has always had an eye for detail and the determination to succeed. Applying these talents towards a marketing degree from Pace University, Christine has relished in the opportunities presented to her to refine her creative abilities. As Director of Mainstream Media, Christine exerted her innate propensities to lead by encouraging a productive group dynamic as well as an adherence to individual voices. She has played a very
active role in the Ad Club, where she has exhibited an unremitting
ability to generate creative concepts and the dedication to see them carried out accordingly. Christine has continued her experiences beyond the classroom with an internship at Media Edge. Learning the nature of the business first hand has inspired her to pursue her passion with the strongest of zeal to make a name for herself among the marketing community. Given the opportunity, Christine will succeed with the highest of distinctions.

Odalice Brito Paulino
Odalice is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Promotions. She has proven to be a versatile individual in both the intellectual and sociological aspects of her scholastic career. Odalice is a leader by nature and has exercised that invaluable skill by co-founding one of the biggest and most popular student organizations at Pace University, called Sabor Latino. This organization focuses on the uplift and advancement of the many cultures within the university. Her leadership continues in the vice-president and treasurer roles that she is presently responsible for in the Mu Alpha Chapter of her sorority, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. She has coordinated school and privately sponsored events for cultural awareness and educational advancement, and she is fully dedicated and committed towards the improvement of her sorority as well as her academic career. She currently holds an internship for the prestigious Mediaedge:cia, a global media, buying and planning company. In her internship, she has been able to implement her knowledge through hands on involvement in areas such as strategic planning and over all business management. After her graduation in Spring 2007, she will start making a strong and valuable contribution to the marketing world.

Noel Brown
As the first male in my family to attend college I am proud and honored to be a member of Pace Universities Ad team. My passion for marketing and advertising alike began just before my senior year in high school; when students were given the opportunity to take an introductory marketing course. After taking the class; I realizing marketing would afford me the opportunity too blend my love for art and my passion for advertising. During my last year of High school I was asked to attend the American Legion Boys State 2003; which brought together New York States finest young people to work together with United States Marines inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation. As a senior and a member of Pace Universities Ad team, after graduation I would like to continue to become a more active member in my community. Helping those who truly need help through the use of the skills I have learned in marketing, advertising and the arts, which have provided me with the chance to someday make a difference.

Arupa Chandradath
Arupa Chandradath is a talented, charismatic individual who strives for perfection in everything she does. As a Marketing major she loves to explore and design new innovative techniques to advertise to consumers and businesses. Arupa demonstrates strong leadership, creative and analytical skills in the Pace Advertising Team as well as other Pace organizations. She is the Director of Media Planning & Buying for the Pace Advertising Team. She is also the President of the Pace Advertising Club and Senior Computer Consultant at the Pace Computer Resource Center. To gain "out of the classroom" experience, Arupa interned at Sony Urban music, where she worked directly with the Senior Vice President of Marketing. Her future goals are to further her educational degree, while maintaining a career in the field of advertising. Arupa is a strong believer that timing and hard work is the key to success.

Brendan Cusello
Khadija Dawson
Khadija Dawson is a fashion-lover with knowledge of fashion history and trends. Her extensive knowledge gives her the ability to understand the buying behavior of customers which is key to being a successful marketer. She is well-organized; detail oriented; her ability to deal well with deadlines and stress makes her a strong team player. Khadija has excellent budgeting and planning skills. She is highly analytical with strong math skills which were essential in creating an efficient advertising campaign. Receiving her B.B.A. in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion in May, Khadija is ready to purse a professional marketing career because of her dedicated work ethic attitude.

Andres Diaz
Sophie Goitein
Sophie Goitein is an enthusiastic, well rounded, and determined person. She always strives to do the best on whatever she puts her mind to and do it in the most creative and exciting way possible. She is a Marketing major with an emphasis in Advertising and Promotions. She has been an essential part of the Pace University's Advertising Team, as a member of creative, production and media. She has had marketing internships at Universal Music Group and Fanscape Inc. that have both taught her invaluable lessons for the future as well as reinforced what she learned in school and in Advertising Team. She is an eager and quick learner, who is very dedicated to what she's doing. She has a passion and knowledge of fashion, music and entertainment that would both allow her to succeed in all those fields, as well as bring a new perspective to advertising. After graduating in May 2007, Sophie plans to work in an advertising, promotions or international marketing.

Renee Harleston
Renee Harleston is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Pace University NYC Ad Team. Ad Team has proven that dedication,
hard work, and team cooperation can produce a great advertising campaign. Renee has a passion for advertising and enjoys participating in every aspect from account planning to creative development. Working in a team or independently she provides fresh ideas and viable feedback while maintaining brand identity. During her college career she has gained valuable experience through interning at Cornerstone Promotions and Pier 41 Advertising. Upon graduation with a BBA in Marketing with a Concentration in Advertising and Promotion, Renee looks forward to working in the advertising industry in New York City.

Martina Kalinowska
Irina Kosoy
A member of the Pace University Honors Program, Irina is in the top 5%of the graduating business class. Irina was invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma, which is the highest recognition a business student canreceive in an undergraduate or master's program. Ms. Kosoy is an ambitious individual who likes a challenge. She is very enthusiastic about learning and constantly looks for opportunities to grow and further develop her skills. She has been interning in the marketing research industry for over a year. While at Meyers Research Center, Ms. Kosoy was exposed to a number of market research functions allowing her to explore consumer shopping behavior first-hand. As an account planner on the Advertising Team, Irina applied her internship experience in determining the "facts" and behavior of the clients' target market. The insights gained helped the team create more effective advertising. Upon graduation, Irina wants to continue her career at a top advertising agency or research firm.

Jun Kuang
Jun is a force of positive energy that encourages others to endure and pursue their dreams. She is a marketing major with a concentration in advertising and promotion. Her strength in bringing the vision of an idea from the mind to a touch medium, has been a vital part for Ad Team. Jun is also the Vice President of Pace Advertising Club 2006 to 2007. She organized and directed campaigns and events for students who want to gain hands on experience and learn from various professionals about the field. She is awarded as one of AAF's 50 Most Promising Minority Students of 2007 and is currently working at Central Park Media, a Japanese Animation Company based in New York. After graduation in May 2007, Jun is aiming to obtain a position in Creative.

Tara Lantieri
Tara Lantieri balances analytical thinking with creativity, utilizing research as a foundation for focused and innovative ideas. Her diligence and determination ensure that any task she is given will be executed with both efficiency and high quality. She knows both how to lead and how to support those she is working with. She has completed two internships, one with Hotkiss in Fashion Sales, and the other with Picturehouse in Marketing and Publicity. Ms. Lantieri served as the Director of Account Planning for the Pace University Ad Team. She is an active member of a national professional business fraternity, Phi Chi Theta. She has also served as Executive Secretary for Lambda Sigma, sophomore honors society. Ms. Lantieri is also part of the Honors Program. She will graduate with a degree in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Promotions in January 2008, a semester ahead of schedule.

Daniela Mansella
Daniela Mansella often catches herself admiring billboards in Manhattan's busiest streets. She is in constant amazement when seeing great creative advertising while flipping through fashion magazines. Born and raised in the smallest state Rhode Island and relocating to one as large as NYC, Daniela has learned to easily adapt to different environments while being immersed in new surroundings. Her employers have described her as a charismatic, driven and a determined self starter. Past work includes leadership roles in media/entertainment and fashion industires ranging from Public Reations to Marketing Manager positions. Daniela is double majoring in International Management and Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Promotions and a minor in Italian Studies. She is an active member of the Pace University Italian Honor Society, Gamma Kappa Alpha and Vice President of the Collegiate Italian American Organization. Recently, she traveled on an International Marketing field study program to London and Brussels where the focus was on the EU integration on US markets. Having this global knowledge and visiting over 10 different businesses helped expose Daniela to the variety of ways of doing business abroad. Being a part of the presentation team as well as holding the active role as the 06-07 President/General Manager for The Ad Team she feels "it has been a chance to develop and work as a team/ad agency with a group of diverse students; all intelligent and extremely creative and unique. It has also served as a stepping stone for me to grow in the marketing field and develop structured experience to take me any where in life. In addition, it reinforced my decison in making certain that marketing is a field I not only want but have to pursue, its just for me."

Marissa Rofer
Marissa Rofer is a Marketing major with a concentration in Advertising
and Promotions. As a member of the Pace University Advertising Team, Marissa has worked extensively within the Account Planning and Media committees. She also served as co-director of the final presentation. Her strong work ethic, organizational skills and total sense of integrity has proven to be an integral component in her successes as a member of the Pace community.

Amy Rollo
Amy brings a creative edge to the team as an Art major with concentrations in Photography and Graphic Design, and a minor in Marketing. Through her extensive knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, and Macromedia Flash, she has been an essential part of Creative Team. Amy has utilized and fine tuned her skills by taking on internships with Coolidge Studio (a professional commercial photography studio) and making ideas work! (a web development/design company). She has also experimented with being a nightlife photographer in the New York club scene. Amy spent a semester in Florence, Italy studying techniques of the old masters, developing a passion for Fashion Photography, and renewing her love of Classic Photography. She cannot wait to graduate in May 2007 and really put her talents to work.

Ilya Seltser
Brian Temporosa

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