Jeffrey Y. Ginzburg

Jeffrey Y. Ginzburg is a highly motivated and dedicated marketer. His confidence and optimism provides a sturdy backbone to comfortably take leadership incentive when needed through challenging situations. Jeffrey takes his role as Ad Team President with pride. Being able to maintain communication between many sub-committees (Account Planning, Creative, Media, and Below the Line) as well as work with members of each allows him to learn from not only one marketing concentration, but rather gain knowledge from a broad array of specialties at once. Keeping a high GPA and finding a productive balance between an internship at US Concepts, a board position for the AMA Pace University Marketing Association, and the role as Ad Team President built a very strong sense of time management. He is also on Ad Team's presentation team. Thanks to his drive and ambition, he is now a proud member of The Alpha Delta Sigma Honor Society of the AAF.

Jeffrey now hopes to utilize his education, creativity, experience, and abilities to gain opportunity for long-term professional growth within the marketing field.