Emer Lawn

Emer Lawn is a graduate of Pace University, with Magna Cum Laude honors distinction. In addition, her superb academic background can be highlighted by her four years on the University's Dean's list. Emer has always been a dedicated student, translating into her ability to be an impressive asset to any team or workplace. Her academic experience has also led to the development of her strong visual sense, excellent writing skills, and ability to translate ideas and concepts across all levels. Emer's extracurricular experiences have also attributed to her ability to be a confident and concise communicator; demonstrating strong leadership skills and adept at supporting team members achieve personal and professional goals. In addition to her credits as a student, Emer has learned from her internships with the AmeriCorps National service organization and Epsilon Interactive Marketing Agency. She is confident that her experiences thus far will contribute to her ability to become a leader in the Marketing Communications field.

E-mail:  lawn.emer@gmail.com