Nicole Mannino

Nicole Mannino. Whether watching television, reading a magazine or walking through a subway, Nicole always stops and pays attention to the advertisements-not because she wants to buy every product out there, rather because she finds inspiration for new ideas by absorbing the creativity around her. She has always had a knack for creative thinking, but it wasn't until she came to Pace University as a transfer student that she realized her true passion for advertising. "It was almost immediate, I met with my advisor and discussed my desire to work in advertising and she mentioned Ad Team. Before I knew it, I was working on an ad campaign that I was proud of, with people I was proud to work with." As a part of Ad Team, Nicole has been a creative force on the creative team, helping with T.V. spots, print ads and the re-branding name. She also worked on the post-production team. Nicole is a senior earning a B.B.A. in Marketing, with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion, graduating with Distinction (Cum Laude equivalent). Her path at Pace has been a great one, making friends and serving her community as a part of Sigma Delta Tau, a national Sorority that focuses on academic excellence, personal development and community service. She is graduating in the Alpha Chi National Honor Society, as well as the Alpha Delta Sigma Honor Society of the American Advertising Association and will finish her degree over the summer. She aspires to work for a major advertising agency one day and be a part of thinking creatively and making advertisements that will change the way people think about advertisements.