Deana Boldrey

Deana Boldrey is a senior at Pace University majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion. She has studied abroad for a year in Sydney, Australia, and is also taking a management field study course this semester that will be heading to Brazil to help work on the Green Mapping Project. Through her travels, Deana has not only learned a lot about herself over the past four years, but has also learned a lot in relation to the international world of marketing. Deana's work ethic and personable communication skills have assisted her in being a Co-Director for the media department as well as part of the presentation team. Consistently making the Dean's List and maintaining a high GPA throughout her college career, Deana is a very dedicated, reliable, and hard working professional person. Graduating in May, Deana is ready to hit the work force and fully take advantage of any opportunity that comes her way.