Lisa Alpert

Lisa Alpert is a graduating Marketing major with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion, and a minor in Psychology. Holding six internships while being a full-time student at Pace University, Lisa has learned the importance of hard work, punctuality, and dedication. She currently interns at Ozone Entertainment while maintaining an enrollment in the Pforzheimer Honors College. As a member of the Advertising Team, Lisa has played a crucial role in the account planning and below the line committees. Outside her passion for marketing, Lisa has hosted a weekly radio show on Pace University’s radio station, WPUB, since her freshman year. Additionally, she has been active within the University, spending a semester serving as the Business and Advertising Director for the Pace Press and over the past four years has been a member of the Pace University Marketing Association and Pace’s Programming and Campus Entertainment Board. After attaining her B.B.A in May 2010, Lisa is eager to put her experience and education to use while continuing to make an impression on the industry.