Mia Banducci

Mia Banducci is an avid world traveler who spent a summer teaching English in a prison in Morocco, and upon her return became an International Marketing major. Her desire to do away with much of the miscommunication between people of all cultures and backgrounds is the driving force behind her post-grad goals. Mia will be graduating in May on the Dean's List with Honors, where she has remained throughout her college career while also working in marketing with the NBA, as well as Def Jam. Ad Team has given Mia the opportunity to really get involved in life at Pace, and gain a wealth of advertising knowledge. Her people, creative, and communication skills led her to the creative and account planning teams, have been her strongest professional assets, and have brought her much success. Her love of fashion, travel, and people in general, will bring a fun, fresh perspective to the advertising world however she plans to join it.