Raele Sabounjian

Raele Sabounjian is a senior majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion. She began dreaming big at a very young age, and always believed that dedication and true commitment was the key to achieving success. Raele's ambition led her to join Ad Team, where her attention to detail was not only appreciated, but encouraged. Her creative flair also expanded with the opportunity to co-lead the first official creative team within Ad Team. She has gained work experience in the real world at A.Link, a fine jewelry company in Manhattan's energetic Diamond District, where she worked as assistant to the Brand Director for two years. She currently interns at Underscore Marketing, an internet marketing firm where she gains a hands on experience in media planning, competitive analysis, and conducting data research. With an outgoing personality, a passion for culture and travel, and a fierce determination, Raele's future hopes and dreams after graduating from Pace are still as immense as they were when she was a young girl.