Tracy Bucco

Tracy Bucco is a senior, majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion. Throughout her schooling experience she has managed to maintain a high GPA while working long hours to support herself financially. She has gained a broad range of marketing knowledge through her education at Pace University, two marketing internships, waitressing, and international study. She studied abroad for a semester in Cyprus, where she traveled to thirteen countries within Europe and the Middle East. She also participated in an international field study to Brazil, where she studied sustainability. In Brazil, she was able to work directly with the community through several charity projects. As a member of Ad Team, she strived to be a strong team player. Her great leadership skills and motivation earned her a position as a director of the creative department. Tracy feels her international studies, as well as the tools she has learned through Pace, Ad Team, and interning, has created a well rounded educational experience. She hopes that these achievements will translate into success when she joins the workforce.