Carrie Goodman

Carrie Goodman, a senior at Pace University, will graduate in 2011 with a marketing degree and concentration in advertising and promotions. As Executive Director of the Media Department for Ad Team, she used her superior communication and leadership talents to achieve success with her team. Carrie's consistent inclusion on the Dean's List and the Phi Kappa Theta National Honor Society shows her strong commitment to academic achievement. Understanding the importance of the global marketplace, Carrie traveled to Europe for an international field study in global marketing. Carrie supplements her learning with hands-on work experience with the Jun Group, a digital video production and distribution company and Converseon, a social media agency. Through work experiences, she has learned what it means to be a team player, hard-working, dedicated and reliable. Carrie is confident that her thirst for learning about and excelling in a global and technologically-oriented market will benefit any firm.