Kimberly Cordero

Kimberly Cordero is a graduating Marketing major with a concentration in Advertising and Promotions. As a member of the Advertising Team, she strives to be a strong team player. Her great leadership skills and motivation earned her a position as the director of the media department as well as the director of the retail experience department. Kimberly believes, with the right drive and focus, anything can be accomplished. As an Advertising Team member, her passion for marketing and media planning was immensely enhanced. She has immersed herself into the Pace community by becoming Co- Vice President of Professional Development for the Pace University Marketing Association and a recruiting officer for the Advertising Club. She has worked on various projects outside of the classroom setting such as creating veterinary advertisements for the Yellow Pages Competition and helping in creating an informative event for a specific Starbucks location. Kimberly strives to apply her acquired skills and passion within the work force.