Nicole Cardoza

As a teacher, and leader, and a chef, Nicole Cardoza is redefining what it means to be a student. Highly determined and motivated, she has maintained a 3.7 GPA in the Honors College while supporting herself financially and participating on campus as a leader in the Ad Team, a student ambassador, and an English language tutor. Her double major in international management and marketing have enabled her to travel abroad to China in an international field study and add Chinese to her knowledge of languages. Her several internship experiences, including at Barnes and Noble in social media, and at mobile advertising agency The Hyperfactory, have taught her how to utilize the latest technologies to create the strongest conversations for global brands, which she currently does as a social media freelancer. Her initiatives volunteering through non-profit New York Cares earned her a feature on NBC's "School Pride" last fall. Until she applies her experiences in an advertising career, she will continue to strengthen herself by studying culinary arts while continuing to learn and take advantage of the endless opportunities the city has to offer.