Yuliya Skobeleva

Yuliya Skobeleva is an ambitious graduating senior who likes a challenge. Being part of The Pforzheimer Honors College, along with The Lubin Leaders and Scholars Program here at Pace, this marketing major is extremely enthusiastic about learning and constantly looks for opportunities to grow. Throughout her schooling experience, she has managed to maintain over a 3.7 GPA while working long hours at internships and independent projects. She is currently writing her thesis on the growing field of User Generated Content in the marketing world, specializing in the travel industry. She has gained a broad range of marketing knowledge through her education at Pace University, three marketing internships, and international travel. She studied abroad for a semester in Seville, Spain, where she strengthened her Spanish language skills and learned more about a completely different culture. As a member of Ad Team, she strived to be a strong and supportive team player. Yuliya feels her international studies, as well as the tools she has learned through Pace, Ad Team, and interning, has created a well-rounded and successful educational experience. She hopes that these achievements will translate into success when she joins the workforce.