Jacqueline Alves

Jacqueline Alves is a senior at Pace University graduating with a major in Marketing in a concentration of Advertising and Promotion as well as a double minor in Art and Photography. She has maintained a High GPA throughout all four years of college gaining the privilege into the Pforzheimer Honors College and has maintained her status as an Honors Scholarship recipient. Jacqueline is known for her balance of creativity and business oriented mindset. She found Marketing as the perfect merger of her two interests and she desires to bring a fresh creative edge to the Industry. With this desire she has had many versatile Jobs and internships ranging from a member of the Creative Department in Ad team, a Photographers Assistant, a Junior Marketing Consultant to a Junior Media Planner at MEC Media. Though she always keeps her education and job experience in high priority, Jacqueline has worked throughout her four years in college helping to support her financially. Jacqueline's Brazilian and Portuguese background and her parents wish to expose her to other cultures inspired her at a young age to travel and help those in her countries. This was only strengthened when Jacqueline went on an International Field study to Brazil to study how sustainability in Businesses helped the economy as well as the environment. She now aspires to help increase economic flow in Portugal and Brazil through effectively marketing businesses operating in those countries.