Jana Cudiamat

Jana Cudiamat is an energetic young professional with strong communication and leadership skills. She is a marketing major with a concentration in Advertising and Promotions and a minor in Economics. Along with her memberships in two recognized honors societies, Jana continues to strive in her internships while supporting herself through a full time job as a Resident Advisor. Jana was actively involved in every part of the campaign as President of the Ad Team including Account Planning, Creative, Integrated Marketing Communications, Media and PR. As president she was responsible for overseeing all areas of campaign development, and designing and editing the plans book and presentation. Jana's internship experiences include positions at NYSE Euronext, Aegis Media, Sony Music Entertainment and more. Jana has also served as website designer of the Pace Ad Club and is currently enrolled in Pace University with a full academic scholarship. With a corporate mind and an artistic personality, Jana lives up to her competitive skill sets. For more information please check out www.janacudiamat.wordpress.com