Navindra Guman

Navindra Guman is a senior Marketing Major with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion. He works diligently with anything and everything he does and manages to maintain his standing GPA while working over forty two hours a week. Over the years, he has received various scholarships and grants from academic scholarships and solely supports his tuition for Pace University. He was born and raised in the Bronx and is very family oriented. His passions include biking and fishing and the simple things in life. He has his mind set on being in the automotive Industry. His pasted vocation at Uniqlo gave him the opportunity to set up, organize and participate in the marketing of the Global Flagship store located on 5th Ave that opened on October 15th, 2011. Currently, he works at F&S Petroleum, a local oil company, where he is the inventory manager who manages the oil distribution throughout the company. Through Ad Team, he has enhanced his skills in different parts of Marketing and will incorporate this experience into his future career.