Olivia Holland-LaForte

Olivia Holland-LaForte is a senior, majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion. She is an extremely motivated and goal oriented individual, maintaining a high GPA, which is currently at 3.7, throughout all four years while working to support herself financially. Her hard work in college paid off and enabled her to study abroad in Barcelona during her fall semester of Junior year. It was here she found her passion for traveling and new cultures and learned much about herself. Olivia recently received the Figueroa International Scholarship which gave her the chance to continue her travels to London and Brussels. Ad Team has given Olivia the hands on experience in the field of Advertising, and it has enabled her to discover her strong teamwork, communication and presentation skills. Olivia served as the Executive Director of Account Planning where she led a team of six members to create a compelling plans book for the campaign. She hopes her hard work and passions translate into success when she graduates in May.