Jessica Kudlacik

Jessica Kudlacik is a graduate of Pace University's Class of 2014, majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, and minoring in Economics. She is a creative individual that also has a flair for strategic analysis and has made a number of appearances on Pace University's Dean's List throughout the years. Jessica's interests in the fashion, high-end luxury and entertainment industries have driven her to obtain internships and real-world positions in companies such as: Seventeen Magazine, Universal Records, Alison Brod Public Relations, Bahamia Rental and Oscar de la Renta. She also has a passion for international travel and attended a highly regarded business school in France for her time abroad. While on Ad Team, Jessica was Associate Creative Director and part of the Below the Line Team and focused her efforts on content creation and helping to drive a clear and consistent brand message throughout all creative executions. She is passionate about learning and bringing diverse and new experiences to the workplace, while also understanding the importance of teamwork with a goal to create a genuine change of a higher standard.