a graduate of Pace University's Class of 2014,
Catherine Nolli

Catherine Nolli is an ambitious young professional with strong communication and leadership skills. She is a graduate of Pace University's Class of 2014, majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion and a minor in Web Media. As a proud member of the Ad Team she strives to contribute to the industry she is most passionate about. Throughout her four years at Pace University she has managed to balance multiple jobs at a time, paying her way through college while maintaining impressive grades and being involved in campus organizations such as the Advertising Club, where she was a recruiting officer. She has gained a broad range of marketing knowledge through her challenging courses, leadership positions in retail, various internships and International Field Study to London and Brussels where she visited agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, Landor and many more. Her leadership skills and motivation earned her positions as the director of the strategy & integration department as well as the associate director of the creative department and web developer of the team website. Catherine understands the importance of putting an organization's goals first and has always been a strong team player. She believes, with the right attitude and focus, anything can be accomplished which is why she is confident to apply her skills and passion in the advertising industry. To learn more about Catherine, please visit her personal website.