Ashley Small

Ashley Small is a graduating senior at Pace University. Majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, she blends her eye for design and attention to detail to produce stunning results. Her incomparable diligence for every project is apparent in all the work she produces. Her design work has been featured in New York art exhibits like Open Outcry Furniture Reception while simultaneously maintaining her status on the Dean's List. As the Executive Director of Pace New York City campus Ad Team she prepared the presentation team for the National Student Advertising Competition 2014 pitch to Mary Kay cosmetics. During her time at Pace, Ashley has been the publishing/editorial intern for the Chief Marketing Officer of Pace University Relations, a member of the honors fraternity Sigma Iota Epsilon, and the Public Relations Officer of Student Veterans of America (SVA) Pace Chapter. As SVA's Public Relations Officer she is instrumental in coordinating events between SVA and private veterans interest groups, maintains the group's social media platforms, and designs all signage for SVA. Highly versatile with her hands in almost everything, she has an unwavering passion for philanthropy. "If you have the ability to help you should, always."