Tara VanSchoor

Tara VanSchoor is a strong leader ready to put her stamp on the world. Graduating Pace University, May of 2014, with a BBA in Marketing with a focus in Advertising and Promotions. As a Dean's List High Honors award recipient, Tara's work ethic and dedication to success is a force to be reckoned with. She has held a leadership position in the Media department of the Advertising Team, and sat on the panel for the School to Career Advisory Board, and Pace University Welcome Student Board. Her ability to command a room and get others excited about projects is what separates her from the rest. Tara successfully balances academic achievement with professional endeavors. She has had multiple internships in various fields of marketing. Her experiences have taken her from presenting awards to Calvin Klein to creating print ads for a Fortune 500 company's medical catalog. Tara also has experience in event production for rooms as large as 600 people for events ranging from fashion shows to philanthropic efforts. Her specialty lies in managing partnerships and relationships for companies and creating shared interest between the two. Known for the smile that never leaves her face, Tara is an asset to any team she joins. To learn more please visit Tara's LinkedIn Profile.