Andrea Buccelato

Andrea Buccellato is a graduate of Pace University's Class of 2016, majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications. During her time spent on the Brand Marketing Team, Andrea served as the head of two departments: Media, and Promotions. In each of these roles, Andrea stimulated team brainstorming, allocated tasks, and directed others to ensure high quality work. Apart from the Brand Marketing Team, Andrea has been inducted into multiple honor societies and placed on the Deans List for maintaining a high GPA. She also embarked on a faculty-led study abroad trip to Italy where she learned to quickly adapt to a new and unfamiliar environment. Andrea is a young professional who is eager to take on any given challenge and can assure complete dedication to her work. Her leadership skills, diligent work ethic, and ability to produce quality work at a professional level has not only allowed her to graduate with honors, but will aid her in her future career endeavors. For more information about Andrea Buccellato, visit her LinkedIn.