Margarita Vorobyeva

Margarita Vorobyeva is a senior in the Lubin School of Business studying Marketing with a focus on Advertising and Promotions. She has been able to maintain a strong GPA while working as a team leader on multiple academic projects throughout her time at Pace. As a part of the Brand Marketing Team, she focused heavily on the account planning side, where she conducted research utilizing databases such as Simmons, SRDS, and many more. Alongside that, she also brought innovative ideas to the promotional development department and reached out to multiple clients to make the ideas come to life. During her time on Ad team, she was also able to successfully complete a marketing internship for a fine jewelry brand as well as maintain her position as a Product Advisor and Community Developer at Microsoft. She is a strong multi-tacker, and her Russian heritage and language proficiency adds to her ability to adapt to any situation with confidence. Her overall drive makes her an ideal candidate for any position.
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