Rachel S. Kruge

Rachel Kruge is a 4th year undergraduate set to receive her Bachelors Degree in May 2017. Majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications and a minor in Fashion Marketing, Rachel combines a well-rounded academic background with professional career experience. This has led her to graduate with a successful business resume. Additionally, being a leader of the Creative Department on the Advertising Team has taught her important leadership skills. The experience in management, merchandising, sales, marketing, public relations, and customer service has resulted in a diverse knowledge foundation. Rachel's positivity, enthusiasm, and ambition has led to multiple internships. Her passion for food and television landed her an internship at The Food Network as a PR intern. Her knowledge of digital media led her to an internship at Shutterstock with the Premier Marketing team. Also, her love for fashion found her a role at Cosmopolitan Magazine as a marketing and sales intern. In her free time, Rachel enjoys cooking, music, and singing. For Rachel, singing is something that is close to her heart, whether it's taking voice lessons or just practicing in her apartment. She is confident that the combination of her work experience and passion will lead her to a career path she loves. To learn more please visit her Personal Website.