Sami B. Mabrouk

Sami is a senior Marketing major with a concentration in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication. He is originally from France and moved to New York City for his senior year to gain the full experience and top business education that Pace University has to offer. Sami has gained many university accomplishments by being a consistent Dean's and President's list honoree at both Pace University and CEFAM, his school back in France, and went on to become an Associate Account Planning member at the esteemed Pace University Advertising Team. As an active member, he focuses his efforts on the campaign strategy, research and earned media tactics. Sami was lucky enough to live and work in three different countries, and utilized his knowledge in various full-time internship position or jobs he held at NBCUniversal, The Kooples, Galeries Lafayettes, and Disney World. As a goal-oriented individual, Sami worked part-time jobs during most of his college years and kept a high GPA thanks to his strong organizational skills and hard work. Through these experience Sami has evolved into an assiduous and resourceful young marketing professional combined with substantial work experience in advertising sales, fashion retail, marketing research and finance. Sami's work ethic has been described as reliable, creative, and dynamic and is interested in branding, fashion retail buying, advertising, and media buying and planning. Sami's passion for fashion and advertising will certainly shape his future professional career, and looks forward to any challenges that come his way post graduation. To learn more about Sami check out his LinkedIn.