Christian Torrado

Christian Torrado is an Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications major in his senior year at Pace University. As a member of the Creative Department on Pace University's Brand Marketing Team, Christian's unique creative style, out of the box thinking, and team dedication has been an invaluable asset to the collaborative efforts of the team, particularly in the developmental process of print ads and video spots. Due to his genuine communication skills and his professional style of presentation, Christian will also be an official presenter at the NSAC Competition in April 2020. Along with the rigors of senior year academics and his active role with the Pace University Brand Marketing Team, Christian is a valued marketing intern at Compass Real Estate in Manhattan and enjoys self-driven projects in music production and painting. Following graduation, Christian is looking forward to utilizing his skills garnered from his academic background and internship experiences to contribute in the advertising and marketing industry in New York City. To learn more about Christian, visit his LinkedIn or Website where you can see samples of his work, music, and more.