Rishabh Bisht

Rishabh Bisht is a member of the Media Department on the Brand Marketing Team. He is a Junior at Pace University graduating in May 2021 and is working towards completing a Bachelors in Marketing- Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications Rishabh is a Bilingual Marketing student with advanced technical skills. Experienced in customer relations, teamwork, with excellent communication and Language skills. At Pace University Rishabh has had the chance to grow and develop in Team Projects and semester long case studies. Rishabh has had past experiences in customer service and 5 summers of experience at Meadowmont School of Music working as a supervisor and Public Relations Intern. Currently he is working in a traditional Luxury Japanese Shoe/Clothing store in Soho as a sales Lead. He is looking forward to opportunities in summer and coming semesters at Pace University. To learn more about Rishabh visit his LinkedIn.