Student Finance and Economics Clubs at Lubin

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Based on information collected from the organizational websites or from office bearers.  Please contact individual societies for more information.

Dead Finance Society

The Dead Finance Society was founded in 1995 at Pace University by a group of beleaguered doctoral students facing the prospect of written and oral comprehensive exams followed by lengthy dissertations. The society, modeled in some respects after the Dead Poets Society, was established as a not-so-secret take-out Chinese dinner and Pizza club to provide respite from the day-to-day drudgery of the workplace, enabling beleaguered students to revel in the beauty and wonders of APT, CAPM and OPM along with the profound works of Jensen, Scholes, Bhattacharya and Roll. The society generally meets approximately once per month for two to three hours in either White Plains or at the NYC campus. Meetings are normally well attended just prior to October and February comprehensive exams if one or more members are "up."

 The society intends to discuss issues related to the "comps," including format, topics, sample questions, etc. Most students opt to take "mock comps" prior to their actual exams. In addition, the society spends time discussing issues related to dissertations, including topic development, literature reviews, model development, empirical analysis, proposals and defenses. Several founding members of the society, including Joe Mazzeo, Steve Adams and T.J. Wu  still loom in the background, providing advice as needed. John Teall, as the Finance faculty liaison to the Doctoral Program, is the prime mover in this society.


Economics Society

 The Economics Society’s purpose is to inform and educate the Pace Community about economics through various discussions and lectures with professors and business leaders in the economic and financial fields as well as other related fields. These lectures and discussions also help provide networking and internship opportunities for the society and its members with featured speakers. Also, in seeking economic knowledge the society take trips to places of economic interest such as the Federal Reserve and engages in other activities that include keeping track of economic indexes and following current economic and financial conditions with publications such as The Economist. At the end of the Fall semester, the society gathers with alumni, professors and former guest speakers for the Economics Society Luncheon to celebrate the achievements of the club while providing further networking opportunities for members. At the end of the Spring semester, the society inducts eligible members into Omicron Delta Epsilon, the international honor society in economics. The induction is followed by the Economics Society luncheon to further acknowledge the accomplishments of the society and its members for the year.

 Here are some of the activities that the Society had during the Spring 2002 term.


Tuesday February 5th  
Euro Discussion/ Special Elections         

Tuesday February 12th  
Collapse of Argentina                                 

Friday/ Saturday February 15th & 16th   
Washington, D.C. Trip          

Tuesday February 19th  
Pizza Party Relaxer            

Thursday February 21st   


Monday March 4th   
Federal Reserve Challenge         

March 5th    
Economics vs. Finance Lecture

March 11th-17th
Spring Break    

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday March 18th,19th & 20th             
Antiterrorism Conference      

Thursday March 21st  2:30-6:00pm  in E301  
Midterm Economics Tutoring & Study Session  

Tuesday March 26th 3:30-5:30pm
Co-sponsored IBM Lecture     

Wednesday March 27th   
Bakesale Fundraiser        
Kiosk Lobby  9:00-3:30pm


Tuesday April 2nd

Thursday April 4th 3:30-6pm in E325
Monopoly Tournament

Tuesday April 9th

Tuesday April 16th
Meeting/ Elections for 2002-2003

Tuesday April 16th
Spring Banquet

Tuesday April 23rd
Omicron Delta Epsilon & Economics Society Luncheon


 May 2nd
Finals Economics Tutoring & Study Session


Omicron Delta Epsilon

 Alpha Rho, the Lubin chapter of the national economics honor society, Omicron Delta Epsilon inducts sixty of the top finance and economics student into the society every year.  The society holds an annual awards dinner, where it recognizes superior performance of students in the presence of Deans and faculty.

 The objectives of Omicron Delta Epsilon are:

 Each year, Alpha Rho, the Lubin chapter gives out an Alumni Excellence Award.  Many of the award winners have gone on to do very well in their professional lives. 

 The 2002 winner, Lorene Hiris, is Professor of Finance, Long Island University, C. W. Post; and Senior Research Scholar at the Economic Cycle Research Institute.

The 2001 winner, Jonathan Stern, is President of the Stern Consulting Group.

The 2000 winner, Jennifer Loftus, is President, Astron Information Technology Services

For more information, contact Prof. Michael Szenberg.


Beta Gamma Sigma

The Lubin school also has a local chapter of the national business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma.   The mission of the society is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business and personal and professional excellence in the practice of business. 

Students with high grade point averages, who are in the upper 7 percent of the junior class, or the upper 10 percent of the senior class, or in the upper 20 percent of the graduating master’s class are eligible for membership.

Every year, the school has a luncheon where these students are recognized.

Besides providing recognition to students for their outstanding academic and overall performance, Beta Gamma Sigma has a student scholarship program and an Alumni Network-Alumni Chapter program.

For more information, contact Prof. Eric Kessler.



 ALFA, (Association of Latinos in Finance and Accounting) is a student chapter of the professional chapter of ALPFA (Association of Latinos Professional in Finance and Accounting).  It was founded  in 1972, as the AAHCPA (The American Association of Hispanic CPA) and recently changed it's name to ALPFA. Since its founding, ALPFA has earned and received support for its fine work from top U.S. corporations, "Big Five" accounting firms, and various federal agencies including the Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration.

 In the beginning of the fall semester, a Lubin student, Gabriel Santana took the initiative to start a student chapter here at Pace University, and with the help of the e-board, the club has succeeded.  ALFA will give students from Pace University the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, and at the same time network with professionals and recruiters from the Big Five (soon to be change), and companies such as JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, and more.  ALFA currently has about 20 members here at Pace, and this number will certainly increase.   ALFA often brings professionals to give workshops or presentations that will help develop students professionally such as Interviewing skills, professional presence, and personal Finance.  Mentorship and Scholarship information is also provided to members at the club meetings.

 Here are some ALFA events for Spring 2002:

 For more information, go to .


Venture Finance Club

 The Pace Venture Capital Club has undergraduate as well as graduate students members.  The meetings of the Club are usually held on Tuesdays during common hours (3:30 - 4:30). There are no membership fees to participate in the Venture Capital Club.

 The club began in the Fall 2001 semester.  The advisor for the club is Professor Tagliaferri who has extensive experience in private placements and venture capital.

 The main objective of the club, according to the President, Nikita Zorin, is to familiarize Pace students with the venture capital industry.  Club meetings focus on many important topics that affect venture capital such as public markets and economic conditions.  Additionally, participants analyze business proposals from private start up companies that are seeking capital.  The club uses various criteria to analyze the overall industry and the individual company and then arrives at a conclusion about the feasibility of the company being successful.

 In the Spring 2001 semester, the Club plans to have a number of speakers who will present different issues involving Venture Capital.  One such presentation is by Steve Hall, Managing Director of Axalon Ventures on the topic of "Venture Capital in a down market."  It is also possible for the club to meet with private companies that seek capital to learn and understand what it takes to raise capital, manage, and expand a newly formed venture.  There is also a plan to invite other notable speakers, such as the President of NVCA (National Venture Capital Association) and a venture capital analyst from General Motors Corporation.

 Originally, there was a plan to form a venture capital fund, which would have been funded by small contributions from members of the club and large contributions from high net worth investors, provided by the club advisor.  However, legal issues must be overcome before the fund can operate.


Bull and Bear Society

 Leonard Kharitonov, a Finance major, started this society in 2001.  He describes his motivations as follows:

 I started the club with one thought in mind, to help students sharpen their team working skills and expand their network. I could not even imagine that this would eventually draw the interest of many Pace students as well as the interest of other universities.  Our membership is constantly expanding in size, due to our ability to provide our members with realistic career information that will help them long after they graduate.

 The Society has been quite active.  In Fall 2001, they had the following activities.

 Name of the Event: Visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Date & Time:
9/26/2001, Wednesday, 1:30pm
TBA or See Flyers

Name of the Event: Visit to the Museum of American Financial History
Date & Time: 10/09/2001, Tuesday, 2:00pm
Location: TBA or See Flyers

 Name of the Event: Visit to the New York Stock Exchange
Date & Time: 10/23/2001, Tuesday, 2:15pm
Location: TBA or See Flyers

 Name of the Event: Halloween Party
Date & Time: 10/31/2001, Wednesday
Location: TBA or See Flyers

 Name of the Event: Visit to the New York Mercantile Exchange
Date & Time: 11/07/2001, Wednesday, 1:00pm
Location: TBA or See Flyers

Name of the Event: Visit to the Nasdaq Market Site
Date & Time: 11/16/2001, Friday, 1:00pm
Location: TBA or See Flyers

For more information, contact


Pace Finance Club (New York)

 The mission of the Pace Finance Club is to promote and strengthen student awareness of the financial markets, investment analysis and portfolio management, while keeping abreast of the various career opportunities available to its members through our continuously expanding network. Our focus on financial markets and security analysis outside of the classroom enhances our members’ preparation for the real world. Through invaluable guest speakers, enriching workshops and our diverse member base we form lasting relationships to ensure continuing growth and success.


The club began in the summer of 1999, when its founders Yung Chan, Brian Manning, Dmitriy Betser, and Timur Gainullin under the advisement of Dr. John Teall created an investment-oriented finance club. This organization supplied Pace with what the university lacked, which was a venue for the students to enhance their knowledge of finance and become abreast of current stock market events. In its introductory semester, the fall of 1999, the club was able to attract 25 students and its initial focus was to establish a group-held stock portfolio.

The Club has the following activities:

I. Guest Speakers: We will invite finance industry professionals to visit our club as guest speakers to share with us their knowledge and experiences, providing a tremendous learning opportunity for our club’s members. Guest speakers may include security analysts, financial advisors, managers, and many more!
II. Workshops: We conduct educational workshops for all of our members, such as career and investment workshops. We also provide mandatory security analysis and portfolio management workshops in order to attain the status of an analyst or portfolio manager for our virtual portfolio, The Lubin Fund.
III. Field Trips: Taking full advantage of our opportune location in the Financial Capital of the World, The Pace Finance Club attends various field trips from the New York Stock Exchange to the NASDAQ Marketsite.
IV. Community Events: The Pace Finance Club is actively involved in community service, both within the Pace community and throughout New York.

More information can be obtained from the Club website (


Pace Finance Club (Pleasantville)

 The Pace Finance Club at Pleasantville has goals similar to that of the Pace Finance Club in New York.  Some of their activities in the Fall 2002 term:

 Speakers on different Finance topics:

Peter Sackman - Davis Funds (Equity Research)
Prof. Streinheim -
Dr Wynne – a presentation on the Wharton Database and other resources.
"Career paths in Finance" -- A panel of speakers on career opportunities, arranged with the Career Services.
John Tomeo - Greenwich Capital
Fernando Ascenso - UBS Warburg
Kevin Berkowicz - Paine Webber

 Fund raising for the World Trade center and other causes
Social events with the Lubin faculty.
A social lunch (pizza party) with the Lubin faculty -- Dr. Wynne, Dr. Filante, Eileen Murphy, Dr. Pastore, Dr. Reps.

 "Career paths in Finance" (event with Career services)