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Thursday April 03, 2003

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Matt Ganis has held many lead architectural and managerial roles in IBM over his 22 year career. He was hired into IBM as an MVS/JES3 system programmer in White Plains, New York in 1985. After moving into the networking arena, Matt became a member of the core team responsible for building and deploying the first centrally controlled TCP/IP backbone network for IBM. Based on that work, he was involved as the chief architect of several new commercial TCP/IP based networks for IBM: Internetworking1.1 and the commercially offered ISP backbone ( Matt was also a key architect in the development of IBM Global Network's consumer based TCP/IP offering (which was later sold and merged with AT&T's Worldnet).

Matt was also responsible for the creation of the first IBM Corporate level firewall to the Internet - which is largely credited for exposing the general population of IBM to the power of the Internet. He is one of the co-architects of the SOCKSv5 protocol (RFC1928), which is incorporated in almost all of the WWW browsers today as well as many TCP/IP Client applications.

For the past six years, Matt was involved in creation and operation of the Internet infrastructure that served the Olympic Web Sites for the Atlanta, Nagano and the Sydney Olympic games. Part of the work in the Sydney Olympics led to the creation of a patent entitled: "Gathering of enriched web server activity of Cached web content".

Just before the Sydney Olympics, Matt was asked to be the IGS representative to a newly forming organization called: iCAIR (the International Center for Advanced Internet Research) in Evanston Illinois. The iCAIR center is a joint venture of IBM, Cisco and Northwestern University. The mission of the Center is to Accelerate Leading-Edge Innovation and Enhanced Digital Global Communications through Advanced Internet Technologies, in Partnership with the International Community. The Center accomplishes that mission by undertaking projects in four key areas: advanced Internet applications, advanced middleware/metasystems, advanced infrastructure and policy.

Matt is currently part of the corporate webmaster team. As the lead architect for Matt has responsibility for the end-to-end architecture of IBM's corporate portal, specializing in User Identity applications.

Matt is also the lead architect of the International Space Station's Amateur telescope (ISS/AT) project. The goal of this endeavor is to place to a telescope on the space station that would be used (free of charge) by any interested individual or group of individuals (worldwide) - especially schools in the range of K-12. This is a project of the Astronomical League in conjunction with NASA and Vanderbilt University. He is the lead webmaster for the Astronomical League's website (

Matt is also currently an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Astronomy at Pace University in Pleasantville New York where he teaches at both the Undergraduate and Graduate level. He holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Information Systems from Pace University as well as a Master of Science degree in Astronomy from the University of Western Sydney Australia. He has authored or co-authored over 20 papers in both of his fields of interest ranging from programming techniques/System Administration/TCP/IP networking to topics on Stellar Evolution and Radio Astronomy.


* Agile Alliance
* Pace University Alumni Mentor
* Academic Ambassador from IBM to Pace University
* Mentor to several undergraduate students, and graduate/doctoral students
* Westchester Amateur Astronomers
* Astronomical League
* Astronomical Society of the Pacific
* Employee: Northwestern University iCAIR (Center for Advanced Internet Research)
* Member - Alpha Chi Honor Society
* Member - Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society
* Member - Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1985
* Member - IEEE Computer Society (Affiliate)
* Member - International Amateur/Professional Photoelectric Photometry
* Member - American Association of Variable Star Observers
* Fellow of Dyson College (full Fellow Status)
* Member ACM

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