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FIN 647: Advanced Topics in Financial Management
Course Outline and TimeTable


Fall 2010


Class Meeting Days

Regular Chapters refer to Berk and DeMarzo; DamChapters refer to Damodaran (see Blackboard)

Projects and other Deadlines
MyFinanceLab Assignment (MFL) due dates
Click here for information on how to use MFL

Meeting 1
September 14

Chap. 1, DamChap. 2: Firm Objectives (Slides)
Chap. 2 (Slides), Chap. 3, 4 : Arbitrage and Financial Decision Making (Slides)


Meeting 2
September 21

Chapter 10: Capital Markets and the Pricing of Risk (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 2); I will not go over Chaps. 2,3, 4 in class -- read the chapter and the slides by yourselves and do the MFL
Turn in Assignment on Firm Objectives

Meeting 3
September 28

Chapter 11: Optimal Portfolio Choice and the CAPM (Slides)

MFL Due (Chaps 3, 4)

Meeting 4
October 5

Chapters 12: Estimating the Cost of Capital (Slides); read Chapter 13 on your own -- some of that material is covered in the slides. However, there is no MFL homework on Chap. 13

MFL Due (Chap. 10, 11)

Meeting 5
October 12

Practice for Midterm Exam

Submit Data Case on Walt Disney Company, p. 407
MFL Due (Chap 12)

Meeting 6
October 19

Midterm Exam

Meeting 7
October 26

Chapters 14: Capital Structure in a Perfect Market (Slides)

Exam based on all material upto 12

Meeting 8
November 2

Chapter 15: Debt and Taxes (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 14)

Meeting 9
November 9

Chapter 16: Financial Distress, Managerial Incentives and Information (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 15)

Meeting 10
November 16

Practice Problems
Chapter 17: Payout Policy (Slides)

Meeting 11
November 23

Chapter 18: Capital Budgeting and Valuation with Leverage (Slides) (Only sections 18.1-18.7; ignore section 18.8)

MFL Due (Chap 16)

Meeting 12
November 30
Practice Problems
Visit by Film Producer, Nayan Padrai, in W504
MFL Due (Chap 17)
Meeting 13
December 7
Review MFL Due (Chap 18)

Meeting 14
December 14

Final Exam

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