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MBA 648: Managerial Finance
Course Outline and TimeTable - Summer I 2016






Module termination Days


Projects and other Deadlines
MFL refers to MyFinanceLab Assignment.  MFL assignments due at midnight on the specified date. 
You have unlimited attempts at doing the MFL Homeworks; however you only have two attempts for the MFL quizzes. Make sure you attempt the MFL assignments in plenty of time before the due date.
Make sure you have read each chapter, watched the videos, and done the self-assessment exercises before you start the tests.  The self-assessment exercises are not to be turned in, while the tests must be turned in; you will not be graded on the self-assessment exercises, but you will be graded on the tests.  You are welcome to actually write out answers to the self-assessment exercises, so that when you see my suggested answers, you will have a basis for comparison.  Note, however, that I will not be looking at your answers at all.  The tests will cover the same questions that are on the self-assessment exercises; however, while the self-assessment exercises cover a large number of questions, the tests will only include a random selection of questions.
You can do the self-assessment exercises only after you have watched the associated video explaining the powerpoint slides.  After you have watched the video, you will have to mark the video as reviewed.  At that point, you will see the self-assessment exercise.  Once you have done the self-assessment exercise, you can see the associated test.
All due dates are dates in left column, unless specified otherwise.

May 31

Course begins

The text for Financial Markets and Institutions is available on Blackboard.
Details on assignments can be found in each module.

June 3

Module 1: Financial Markets and Institutions (Slides) (Parts 1 and 2, Video available on Blackboard)

Self-Assessment Exercises: What’s a financial system/ Financial Institutions/ Functions of the Financial System
Tests Due: What’s a financial system/ Financial Institutions/ Functions of the Financial System/
Short Answer Questions Test: Financial System Functions

June 7

Module 2: Corporate Governance
The Corporation (Chap 1) /Corporate Governance (Chap 29)
(Slides) (Video available on Blackboard)

Text for Corporate Governance (Chapter 29) available on Blackboard; MFL Homework Due (Chap 1)
Self Assessment Exercises (1), (2) and (3)
Test Due: Corporate Governance

June 10

Module 3: Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis (Chap 2)(Slides) (Video available on Blackboard)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 2)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 2)
Self Assessment Exercises: (1), (2) and (3)
Test Due: Financial Statements

June 13

Module 4: Arbitrage and Financial Decision Making  (Chap 3) (Slides) (Video Available on Blackboard; additional videos showing problem solutions also available on Blackboard)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 3)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 3)
Self Assessment Exercise: Arbitrage
Test due: Arbitrage

June 16

Module 5: The Time Value of Money (Chap 4) (Slides) (Videos available on Blackboard showing problem solutions)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 4)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 4)
Test due: Who is the Stock Market?
Test due: Stock Market Bubbles

June 18

Module 6: Investment Decision Rules (Chap 7) (Slides) (Video available on Blackboard)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 7)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 7)

June 21

Module 7: Capital Markets and the Pricing of Risk (Chap 10) (Slides) (Video available on Blackboard)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 10)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 10) Self Assessment Exercises: Introduction/ Statistical Material/ Risk/ Systematic Risk/ Asset Pricing
Test on Capital Markets Due
CPI Card Beta Assignment Due June 22

June 24

Module 8: Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting (Chap 8) (Slides)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 8)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 8)

June 27

Module 9: Valuing Stocks (Chap 9) (Slides) (Video Available on Blackboard)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 9)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 9)
Excelrite Case due June 28

June 29

Module 10: Interest Rates (Chap 5) (Slides)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 5)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 5)

July 1

Module 11: Valuing Bonds (Chap 6) (Slides) (Video available on Blackboard)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 6)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 6)

July 5

Module 12: Capital Structure
Chap 14: Capital Structure in a Perfect Market (Slides) (Video available on Blackboard)
Chap 15: Debt and Taxes and Chap 16: Financial Distress, Managerial Incentives, and Information (Slides) (Video available on Blackboard)

MFL Homework Due (Chap 14)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 14)
MFL Homework Due (Chap 15)
MFL Quiz Due (Chap 15)
Self-Assessment Exercise: Modigliani-Miller/ Taxes, Incentives and Financial Structure
Test on Capital Structure due
First test on capital structure based on the article on “How CFOs make capital structure decisions” due by midnight July 6; requires Respondus Lockdown Browser.

July 9

Capital Structure test

The second capital structure test covers only the topic of Capital Structure, requires Respondus Lockdown Browser and is closed book. It can be taken anytime from July 7 to July 9.



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