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FIN 680: Microfinance - Conceptual and Applied
Tentative Course Outline and TimeTable - Spring 2013


Class Meeting Days

Topics (PP refers to Portfolios of the Poor by Collins, Morduch, Rutherford and Ruthven)

Assignment/Project Deadlines (AM refers to The Economics of Microfinance by Armendariz and Morduch)
For Reading Assignments by Topic, click here.

Class 1
January 23

Rethinking Banking: An Introduction to Microfinance (Slides)

Class 2
January 30

Why Intervene in Credit Markets?
Rationales for Intervention, Introduction to Agency Problems and Adverse Selection (Slides for Adverse Selection)
(Slides for ROSCAs, Chapter 3)
Notes for Adverse Selection (on Blackboard) Notes for Moral Hazard (on Blackboard)

Class 3
February 6

Group Lending
The Grameen Approach; how it solves the agency and adverse selection problems.
(Slides for Moral Hazard, Chapter 4)
Guest Speaker: Archana Shah

AM 2 problems due (can be done in group)

Class 4
February 13

Beyond Group Lending
Issues with group lending and potential solutions with more dynamic approaches
Group Presentation: PP (Chap 2: The Daily Grind) (Slides for Beyond Group Lending)

AM Chapter 4 problems due
Hand in your MFI choice for the MFI project

Class 5
February 20

Beyond Microcredit
Microfinance is more than microcredit; banking the unbanked
Group Presentation: PP (Chap 3: Dealing with Risk) (Slides for Beyond Microcredit)

AM Chapter 5 problems due

Class 6
February 27

Women and Microfinance
Guest Lecturer: Danielle Leblanc, Grameen America
(Slides on Women and Microfinance)


Class 7
March 6

Measuring Impacts
Group Presentation: PP (Chap 4: Building Blocks) (Slides on Measuring Impacts)

Meet with a Writing Center person at least once before this date

Class 8
March 13

Funding Microfinance
Group Assignment: Compartamos
Group Presentation: PP (Chap 5: The Price of Money)
Crowd financing (the Kiva model), equity (Accion), mivs

Turn in group report on the Banco Compartamos IPO before class

Class 9
March 20


First draft of MFI Report due

Class 10
April 3

Commercialization and Regulation
The Grameen versus the SKS model
Microfinance and Social Justice
Guest Lecturer: Sulin Lau, Kiva Zip

MFI Report returned with comments

Class 11
April 10

Managing Microfinance
Evaluating Microfinance organizations
Guest Lecturer: Mr. von Stauffenberg (slides)

Final version of MFI Report due April
Class 12
April 17

Impact Investing
Social Investing, social entrepreneurship, social stock markets
Ms. Kesha Cash, Jalia Ventures (Slides)

Class 13
April 24

Frontiers of Microfinance
Microfinance in the US
Jobs in Microfinance
Jennifer Thomson, Independent Consultant

Take-home final due April 22

Class 14
May 1
No class  

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