Project: Capital Structure Analysis
Prof. P.V. Viswanath

You can find 10 years worth of financial statement information on FDX Corporation (FDX; traded on the NYSE) by going to the Disclosure Database, which can be accessed from the Library's homepage.  (You're better off trying this from a Pace University site.  If you do this from an off-Pace site, you have to follow the instructions given on the Library site for remote access.)  You can find a lot of other information at this site as well.  The financial statement information, alone, can also be downloaded from my website. In addition, if you choose to, you can obtain additional information, either from the company itself or from other websites, such as the SEC Database. Use this information to analyse FDX's capital structure, using the approach laid out in Chapter 18 of Damodaran's text book on Corporate Finance (cost of capital approach).

A useful source of information is the company's annual report (for US companies, this can be obtained, either by writing to the company, from a library, or from the SEC Database), and in trade publications and other news outlets. You can also get information from the various sources identified on my Finance and Economics webpage. The bond rating agencies will also, frequently provide you with information on the latest bond ratings for the company. (See for example, Standard and Poor's ratings page.)

The report should be presented on an Excel spreadsheet pvcapstr.xls, and should consist of several worksheets. A worksheet name Computations will contain the spreadsheet analysis of capital structure using any of the templates that you can get from Prof. Damodaran's website in the Spreadsheets section. (There are many templates on Prof. Damodaran's website; use whichever one you think is most appropriate, according to your evaluation of their relative utility.)  Make sure to explain your source for each of your inputs to the template.

There should be three other worksheets included in the same file, which should address the following issues (preferably, do this part in Word and embed it in the Excel file.):

Please name the different areas of your spreadsheet file for easy location. Information on how to name areas of your spreadsheet can be found at my website. The report must be emailed to me as an attachment.

You can also look previous Capital Structure Assignments and student solutions on the web. Note, however, that the originality of the submission and the analysis will be taken into account in grading.

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