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FIN 652: Investment Analysis
Course Outline and TimeTable - Fall 2012


Class Meeting Days


Projects and other Deadlines
MFL refers to MyFinanceLab Assignment

Class 1
September 6

Chapter 1 The Investment Environment (Slides)
Chapter 2 Asset Classes and Financial Instruments (Slides)
Webnote: Financial Markets
The Financial System (Slides)

Blackboard Discussion on the Chinese Financial system
Make sure you have read each chapter before you come to class and also tried your hand at the questions on the chapter. The more you have read, the better you will be able to participate in class.

Class 2
September 13

Chapter 3 How Securities are Traded
Webnote: Securities Trading
Webnote: Short Sales and Margin Purchases


Connect Assignments Chaps 1 and 2 due; Assignment on Financial Markets and Institutions due
Read "How Any Market Revamping Might Remove, Add Wrinkles, WJS, Feb. 29, 2000," Searching for a Speed Limit in High-Frequency Trading, The Economist, September 8, 2012 by Nathaniel Popper and High Frequency Traders, Economist, August 12, 2010

Class 3
September 20

Chapter 4 Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies (Slides)

Connect Assignment Chap 3 due

Class 4
September 27

Chapter 5 Introduction to Risk, Return, and the Historical Record (Slides)

Connect Assignment Chap 4 due
Problems 9 and 12, Chapter 3 (Excel assignment; turn in an Excel file, not a Word file!)

Class 5
October 4

Chapter 6 Risk Aversion and Capital Allocation to Risky Assets (Slides)
Webnote: Risk and Risk Aversion
Chapter 7 Optimal Risky Portfolios (Slides)
Webnote: Optimal Risky Portfolios

Connect Assignment Chap 5 due

Class 6
October 11

Chapter 9 The Capital Asset Pricing Model
Webnote: The Capital Asset Pricing Model
Guest lecturer, Laurence Hitchens

Connect Assignment Chap 6 due
Connect Assignment Chap 7 due
Blackboard Discussion Forum on the Chinese Financial System closes
Problem on computation of optimal risky portfolios

Class 7
October 18


Blackboard Discussion on the Behavior of Financial Asset Prices

Class 8
October 25

Chapter 9 The Capital Asset Pricing Model
Webnote: The Capital Asset Pricing Model

Class 9
November 1

Chapter 10 Arbitrage Pricing Theory and Multifactor Models of Risk and Return

Connect Assignment Chap 9 due

Class 10
November 08

In class exercise on Expected Return Models

Connect Assignment Chap 10 due

Class 11
November 15

Guest Lecturer: Paul Fraynt
Chapter 11 The Efficient Market Hypothesis
Chapter 12 The Behavioral Critique

Connect Assignment Chaps 11, 12 due
Problem 24, Chapter 12 (Excel Assignment)
Expected Return Assignment due Nov. 22 by email
Class 12
November 29

Chapter 14 Bond Prices and Yields
Webnote: Bond Pricing
Slides for Chapter 14

Project on Muhammad Yunus's concept of Social Business due.
Class 13
December 6

Chapter 15 The Term Structure of Interest Rates
Webnotes: The Determination of Interest Rates
Webnotes: The Term Structure of Interest Rates Bosang Kim, Guest lecturer

Connect Assignment Chap 14 due
Blackboard Discussion on the Behavior of Financial Asset Prices

Class 14
December 13

Final Exam

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