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Fall 2022
Professor Humbach
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First Assignment 

Reading Assignments
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Readings Questions
To prepare yourself for class, you should have answers to the questions contained in the following “Readings.”

Reading # 1 (First Assignment) 
Readings # 2-3 
Readings # 4-5 
Reading # 6 
Reading # 7 
Reading # 8 
Reading # 9 
Readings # 10 
Readings # 11 
Readings # 12 
Readings # 13 

Other Materials

A Lawyer's Creed of Professionalism (excerpts)
McElhaney, Putting on a Good Face
Weiss, Backlash Follows Lawyer/'s Celebratory Comments
Schatz v. Rosenberg
Gershman, Do Prosecutors Struggle With Innocence?
Gershman, Appeals to Racial Prejudice by Prosecutors

(See also the Online Supplement for other items)

Article, Shifting Paradigms of Lawyer Honesty,
Article, The National Association of Honest Lawyers: An Essay
Review, Just Being a Lawyer: Reflections on the Legal Ethics of a President under Impeachment

Slides from class
Readings # 1-4 Slides
Readings # 5-6 Slides
Readings # 7-9 Slides
Readings # 10-13 Slides
More to come

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