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I came to the US originally from the cosmopolitan city of Bombay on the western coast of India in 1975 (click here for some Bombay history). My first stop was Kentucky, where I got my first taste of America at the Lexington campus of the University of Kentucky. After getting my MBA there, I moved west to the gothic environment of University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business. After a thorough exposure to the culinary and other wonders of the Windy City, and an incidental PhD in Finance, I moved to the east coast and after some peregrinations, landed up at Pace University's Lubin School of Business where I joined as Associate Professor of Finance, and am now (since 2004) Professor of Finance.

Quite a few things interest me, as you can see by pursuing other links in the index on the left. However, worth special mention are two languages, my mother tongue, Tamil and my adopted tongue, Yiddish.  Jewish Law is another area of interest. You can pursue related links from my Synagogue Home Page.

I also like running, though my speed has droppped quite a bit over the years. My latest marathon was August 23th. See a picture with my daughter who ran a half-marathon in 3 hours and 3 minutes; my marathon took me 5 hours and 52 minutes. As somebody said, trying to run marathons keeps you humble.


Language Interests


I am very interested in linguistics and in languages, in general. Some of the languages that I have studied over the years are:

Greek resources: