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MBA 808: Creating Value Through Finance (graduate)

FIN 663: Financial Strategy and Business Decisions (graduate)

FIN 396H: Finance and Society (Undergraduate)

FIN 632: Introduction to Financial Decision-Making

FIN 396T/ECO 375: The Chinese Financial System (undergraduate)

FIN 680: Microfinance: Conceptual and Applied

FIN 652: Investment Analysis (graduate)

Tsinghua: Investment Analysis

EBS/Toulon: Managerial Finance

FIN 647: Advanced Topics in Financial Management (graduate)

FIN: Firm Valuation (undergraduate, EDHEC)

FIN 320: Advanced Financial Analysis (undergraduate)

FIN 340/ FIN 680F: Valuation of the Firm (undergraduate/graduate)

FIN 680A/INB 670C/ FIN 360A: India as a Market-oriented Economy: Present and Future (undergrad/grad)

FIN: Film Finance (undergraduate, EDHEC)

MBA 664: Financial Reporting, Analysis and Modeling of Corporate Activities (graduate)

MBA 662: Marketing and Micro Economics for Value Creation (graduate)

ECO 826: Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Economics (doctoral)

FIN 649: International Corporate Finance (graduate)

FIN: Mergers and Acquisitions (undergraduate, EDHEC)

FIN: Financial Innovation (undergraduate, EDHEC)

FIN: American Capital Markets (undergraduate, EDHEC)

FIN 648: Mergers and Acquisitions (graduate)

FIN 301: Introduction to Financial Management (undergraduate)

FIN 652: Investment Analysis (graduate)

FIN 680L/ FIN 396L Student Managed Investment Portfolio (Fundamental Analysis)

FIN 351: Investments (undergraduate)