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Useful Periodicals Quotes and Information on Securities Law and Economics Sites
General Financial Data Trading simulation packages and other related information Hypertextbooks
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Finance and Economics Sites on the Web

The FMA Home Page OSU's Finance Links SmartEconomist.Com
FRED, the database at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Finweb
Links to many, many other finance sites
Glossary of Mortgage-Related Terms
Mark Bernkopf's Central Banking Resource Center The US Tax Code On-line Encyclopaedia of Economics
New York Society for Security Analysts Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary
From Prof. Campbell Harvey's HomePage
Glossary from WR Hambrecht and Co.
Investment FAQ: Basic Information on Investment Related Issues by Academics and Professionals

General Financial Data

FRED: Data from the Federal Reserve System Bankruptcy Data Filings with the SEC/ Edgar
Volume and NYSE Index Close data from the NYSE Leading Market Technologies Academic Page Monthly returns for mutual funds and security indices
Macro Forecasts from Mr. Yardeni Economic Time Series Page courtesy of Ted Bos Economagic
Current Information on the State of the Economy from Dryden TradingDay.com
Short Interest information
Futures data from the CME

Quotes and other Information on Securities

Stockpoint Quicken Portfolio League of American Investors
StockMaster Stock Charts Recent Stock Market quotes from MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Security APL Quote Server
DBC Quote Server Bond Prices Quotes from Yahoo
Microsoft Investor Doug Gerlach's Invest-o-rama
Information on earnings surprises, five year financial statement history, charts, stock and fund quotes, betas, links to lots of companies.
Mutual Fund Information and Quotes
US Treasury Rates and other rates by currency and market
Earnings Estimates from Zacks Links to obtain firm specific data
Wall Street Network
Bond Prices from the Bond Market Association
More industry specific information
Treasury Yield Curves from the Fed
Live charts plotting intra-day data
INET ECN Quote Book for NASDAQ stocks Hoover's Online
Check out StockScreener
The Trading Room
Australian Financial Markets Data

Data on T-bill rates and other indexes from HSH Associates

Multex: The Investment Research Network
Get free research reports from the big Wall Street firms.

Law and Economics Sites

American Law and Economics Association National Association of Forensic Economics Center for Critical European Studies
WWW Server on the Economics of Networks Case Net: Case-based Resources for International Studies  

Useful Publications

The New York Times on the Web Fortune and Time Business Week
Wiley's Business Extra Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition CNN On-Line
Barron's The Economist Slate's Moneybox

Fun Stuff

Professor Will Goetzmann's Learning Curves
Graphs, cartoons, book covers, and everything else. This is a collection of graphs and finance-related images that capture the essence of finance and finance pedagogy. An entertaining way to explore!
Economic Geography Glossary from Prof. Krumme

Other Fascinating General Geography Resources

Bull Street Journal
A parody of the Wall Street Journal.
Fun Stuff from Florida State University   The Fool Portfolio
From the Motley Fool; don't take it seriously!


Macro Investment Analysis by William Sharpe
Worksheets in Javascript for Financial Analysis from William Sharpe
Campbell Harvey's Notes Class Notes from Prof. Goetzmann's Investment Class at Yale
Aswath Damodaran's Lecture Notes Simon Benninga's notes Microeconomics textbook by Joseph Daniel
Really snazzy!
Chapter 1 of Prof. Goetzmann's book on the Origins of Finance . Finance began in the ancient near east. This chapter traces the early evolution of financial contracts, and explores their effect upon the emergence of writing and civilization    

Finance-related Educational Sites by Topic

International Finance and Economics

Markets Fixed Income Securities
Equities Futures
Technical Analysis Asset-based financing
The Macro Economy
General  Objectives of the Firm and Conflicts of Interest

Mutual Funds/ Hedge Funds


The Structure of Markets:

Glossary from the NYSE (Click on Glossary from Menu)

Trading Simulation Packages:

Foreign Exchange Trading
from forextrading.com
InvestSmart The Stock Market Game
Stock-Trak Portfolio Simulations Final Bell
A monthly stock market simulation.
Nasdaq Head Trader
Software developed by Bob Schwartz (Baruch) and Bruce Weber (NYU) to simulate a NASDAQ environment on the Internet.
Information for University Users of Telerate
Information page for University users of Telerate
Originally developed at the U. of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana
Economic Science Laboratory Software - Local Area Network Applications